Interactive touch screen

Each booth comes with an interactive touch screen that is very easy to operate and allows you to choose a variety of options.

Video Messaging

Video messaging is Free and is included in our package. Why not let your guest leave a personal video message of your special day (which is great fun to watch after the event!)

Print Options

You and your guests can choose between black and white or colour prints. You can also choose between one single photo or 4 single poses on one print which can be fully personalised such as the bride and grooms names, venue and the date if you wish or logos and graphics to suit your event.

Unlimited Prints/messages

There are no limits on how many photos or video messages get taken at your event, so you relax and not have to worry about added costs. Our photos are all high quality digital images, our photos are all printed on commercial dye sublimation printers which are instantly dry, durable, will not fade or damage


Our props include a wide variety of items including various hats, masks, boa's and stage props. If you have a particular theme to your event a themed prop box can be supplied instead.

Booth Butlers

Each event will be looked after by our 'Booth Butlers' to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Facebook Sharing

After your event we upload the videos and photo's to our secure site where you can login and use the Facebook share buttons to send to friends, family and guests alike


After your Event all of your fantastic pictures and videos will be provided on a USB stick to keep and print as many copies as you like for no extra cost.
The photo booth also puts all your videos and pictures on your own secure webpage for you to share with your family and friends

Green Screen (Optional)

The Green screen is a great way to add a background to your picture (this has to be requested before the event). Any Image can be used for the green screen ranging from branding, funny and scenic.

Extra Features

Dual Printing

We have the option of printing your photo out twice, one for your guests to keep and one for guests to put in a guest book to write funny/nice messages. Photo Booth Sample can provide the guest book (extra) or you can choose one of your own to match your event.

Branded 'Skins'

To make the photo booth even more customised to your event we can provide a personalised branded 'skin' for your booth so it can have your own branding, logo or event details written all over the photo booth


(There is no need to worry our Booth is fully portable and fits through doorways and up flights of stairs).
•1.3 Meters Wide
•2.3 Meters Long
•2 Meters Height